More About Me

Sales Associate

Full time resident of Provincetown and owner/founder of 

I’ll start with a confession: I’ve always been somewhat real estate-obsessed. I’m the guy who is out looking at property on every vacation. In fact, my Husband and I are able to live in Provincetown today thanks to this habit! I particularly love to look at and help people with the diamonds in the rough. I love old houses and like putting old character in new houses.

I have found that I am naturally passionate about Community Building especially through business (social enterprises) with a particular eye toward real estate development. I do this in my other professional life as the founder and owner of ptownie has the mission of helping people who love Provincetown stay connected to this magical place. I also currently sit on the Economic Development Board for Provincetown.

Most of us here in Ptown seem to have past lives. Here is mine in a nutshell. I left the corporate world of New York City 10 years ago after working for over 15 years in Magazine Publishing- the last 10 being at Time Warner. My last position was Associate Publisher of the Spanish version of People Magazine. Before that I work at Time Magazine for 7 Years and 3 years at The Fortune Group.

Before that I worked for the Consulting Group ORC which is now part of Mercer. I had a dream job that allowed me to work in over 100 countries in 7 years.

After leaving corporate I got my chance to work for a non-profit start up called Billings Forge Community Works for 6 year in an incredibly poor neighborhood in Hartford, CT. I cried like a baby when I left this job I loved it so much.

Now I am at the intersection of other things I love to do. My work on the Economic Development Board, with, and Kinlin Grover allows me to connect all things I love to do.